• Saves time & money.
  • Establishes a new aesthetic in edging and landscape surrounds.
  • Is easy to install and adjust to any site dimension or changes of grade.
  • A quality alternative to other products, being strong, light, durable, splinter free and requires no form work.
  • Rigid corner brackets hold its shape & contain strong points for securing pins.
  • Maintains perfect straight edges, free of distortion & UV stabilised.
  • Is impervious to moisture & insect attack and durable in the long term.
  • Is proven to be highly resistant to mower, machinery and whipper snipper impacts.
  • Is available in a variety of continuous lengths (rec. 2.4m or 4.8m).
  • Requires minimal tools to perfectly install & simply ‘snap’ the system together.
  • Can be pulled apart, reused and easily reinstalled if needs change.

EDGING Systems tough and economic wall and corner brackets snap together to form the ideal landscape edge, border or surround for any home, commercial, industrial, recreational or rural application.


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