Many conventional tree surrounds commonly create challenges for councils, contractors and others when planting and establishing trees.

These challenges include cost, product strength, water & mulch retention, appearance, re use and installation ease and adjustability, to mention only a few issues.

The TreeFRAME products require no tools or screws to assemble and holds its rigid shape. It can be cut however to suit any site and it can be pulled apart and re installed if required.

Installation is easy, quick, safe and compliant.

The product saves time and money.

Cost savings equate to the lower price of the unit compared with other systems due to its ease and speed of safe installation and the products re usability.

TreeFRAME is durable over the long term as it is highly resistant to mower, machinery and whipper snipper impacts, UV and imperious to moisture and insect attacks.

The product has been designed, developed and manufactured in Queensland and is available nationally. TreeFRAME promotes good planting techniques and is compatible with stake, guard and other products.

Commercial TreeFRAME with 150mm deep x 28mm thick walls and corner brackets is available in a range of modules, or made to your site configurations.


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